19, existentially confused bisexual, cares more about star trek and podcasts than is probably socially acceptable (she/her) also intj and in love with croach the tracker
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star trek IV au where the gang goes to 20th century earth and croach is in a bathrobe for some reason and also there are whales

my mom complained about being called a senior citizen earlier today and then she went to bob evan’s for dinner at 4:30 in the afternoon

just had a heated debate about gaza with my dad in a bob evans



It is impossible to be in a bad mood after listening to the Sparks Nevada theme with Paul F. Tompkins as Croach.
“I right the outlaw wrongs on Mars!”
“That’s where we are! “

"I’m… From earth"
"So what??"


why did gillian anderson steal all of david duchovnys life force he looks like a creaky skeleton and she looks like the sun goddess

my dad just emailed me RIGHT BEFORE HIS COLONOSCOPY to tell me that the fighting in gaza keeps going on because hamas won’t let it stop

like he’s literally just about to have this procedure and this is what he decides to do with his time

Dear White People (2014) dir. Justin Simien